General Rules

  • NO alcohol, drugs or under the influence of, you will be asked to leave.

  • NO pets, that means dogs, cats, birds or pets of any kind.

  • No bicycles or skateboards.

1/8 Mile Times - Safety Equipment
6.4 and Faster

NHRA License

roll cage

fire jacket



chassis certified

seat belts~2yrs. old

neck collar


roll bar

fire jacket


battery tie downs

hub caps removed

coolant system overflow

7.3 and slower


battery tie downs

hub caps removed

coolant system overflow





  • NO Passengers-NO exceptions

  • Pit and Return road speed-5 mph

  • Campers arriving late- camp in field on Russell Road- talk to Main Car Gate Staff.

  • Handicap parking available- direction to area- no driving around track.

  • No additional support vehicles- space limited inside gate. Additional parking on Russell Road field.

  • Car trailer and tow vehicles only

  • Check new NHRA rule for engine diaper requirement

2019 New Club Membership Rule

We are trying to get our insurance rate lowered. So this 2019 race season it will be members only racing. By everyone that is racing being a member lowers the lawsuit problem as you can’t sue yourself and will also help put funds into the club to help with expenses to start the new season. All liability forms must still be signed and display arm ban as before.

Membership is $25.00 per year or any donation over $25.00 will really help, and we need to get the funds sent in now, as there is little funds in the bank, and need to get a reserve built up to be ready for the new season, and to check to see what equipment we need to replace now to make the races go smooth with fewer glitches. New entries can join at the gate for membership and pay for their race entry. All others will only have to pay at the gate for race or show entries. If you have sent in your dues your card or record will be at the main gate on first race day.

We are also going to sell membership to spectators for $25.00 per year, and that will grant them entry to every race that year.

Also everyone will be given a ticket to vote on your favorite vehicle either show or race. (people’s choice)

Please return your dues now to the address below to:


Attn: Victor

P.O. BOX 721

Forks, WA 98331

Questions...Please call Victor Whitehead 360-640-4812

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