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Competition Rules and Guidelines

West End Thunder Forks Washington
West End Thunder Club - Olympic Power Shifters
  1. All cars must meet NHRA tech requirements as per ET Rules (ie cars running 11.99 require a scatter shield and roll bar also belts as per NHRA rulebook.)

  2. All cars in competition must have a clutch engaged transmission.

  3. The operation of the clutch shall be a direct action of the drivers foot. No device shall be allowed which interrupts, delays or otherwise alters this action.

  4. All gear changes must be a result from direct action from the driver. Pneumatics, hydraulic shifters prohibited.

  5. Any clutch assisted automatic must have to be manually shifted.

  6. No delay device or delay boxes may be used.

  7. Once the vehicle is in motion, nothing can affect its operation other than the driver.(ie no throttle timers,electric shifters)

  8. No vehicle substitutions during elimination's.

  9. All competition ladders will be run as per NHRA Sportsman procedures.

  10. Coin toss for lane choice. Whoever wins toss has the option of changing thier mind and choosing the other lane if they so wish, but it must be done before entering the burnout box.

  11. Qualifying will be determined by reaction time.

  12. A bounty of $25.00 is awarded to the competitor who defeats the previous race winner. If the racer that has the bounty is not there, the bounty automatically goes on the previous runner up. In the event that both winner and runner up from the previous race are not in attendance, the bounty will be doubled for the next race.

  13. If your vehicle breaks the beams during time trials you do not have an option for reimbursement of your race money as you are now on the ladder. If your vehicle breaks prior to breaking the beams you can receive reimbursement of your race money or take 10 points.

  14. All vehicles are subject to random inspection for illegal electronic equiptment. Racers found to be in possession of illegal electronic equiptment will lose their points and winnings. They will be banned from racing with the OLYMPIC POWER SHIFTERS for the remaining of the race season plus one year.

  15. Pay out at races will be 90% of the racer fees collected per race. 10% will be held back towards the year end fund.

Questions...Please call Cary Bourm 360-640-1366 days or 360-374-6409 evenings
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